Through the city

Yesterday, due to unprecedented events, I was diverged from my usual train journey home (which on average takes 30 minutes) and was instead forced to take the Dockland Light Railway (an alternative but much longer and more tedious trip of  1 hour).

But knowing that I had no better choice, I had taken up a temporary, optimistic attitude towards the journey. After all, good things can derive from not so good events.

I was aware that I had taken this trip numerous times before, and there was no question that what I may see out of the window will be something that I had not already seen, understood or reflected upon.  but I could not recall ever managing to get a seat in the first cabin whilst facing the same direction as the train. But this time I was lucky, I did, and that made all the difference. I was not only able to see one side of the view but my front and either sides, in fact my entire peripheral vision was occupied by these moving images of my journey home.

As the train dived in and out of one tunnel into the other,  and slithered its way between homes and amenity stores, it finally headed for the city. From high above, the train maneuvered itself in between two buildings , I was amazed at what I saw! For the first time, I was able to realise the height and breadth of the so-called skyscrapers. The concrete, glass and steel finish on all buildings. There was not a single brick in sight, no way of knowing what the scale of those buildings were unless you looked through the windows into the offices (and of course by that time, you have already lost that realisation of the scale of the whole).

The monotony of it all and the lack of scale reached a point of obscurity. Buildings facades became walls; connecting or overlapping with each other, the city was no longer a collection of buildings but a space, a room.

Only when I perceived this left-over space as a room(it was not a continuous experience but rather a fragmented and phantasmagorical one ), did i see the serenity and ancient features of this hectic land.

My trip through the city was a worth while one at the end…


this is not my image


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