A thread of thoughts: The 10 year old of the working world

A little deviation from the Architecture world (but still related) is the topic of transitions and moving from one life phase to the next. I have been working at the office for two months now, and whilst I feel that I have settled in my work routine, other parts of my life still feel confused and unsettled.

This makes me wonder about what my life (or routine) was like before. At university, I can recall a specific set of routines that I intuitively followed depending on the time of the year and requirements (deadlines, design work, site visits etc.) My routines were based on the academic year and therefore on the design process carried out.

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This transition not only occurs on a yearly basis, but also on a monthly or even daily basis.

At each phase I carried out a particular routine. In order to understand better how transitions between routines occurred and for simplicity purpose, I have divided them into low(green), medium(orange) and high(Red) work load.As seen, work load is gradual and controlled. Sharpe increase or declines in work (such as last minute work or transitions between exams and the summer are what we know to cause upheaval in stable routines)

But if I were to plot all the routines in my life on a graph, I would surely see a pattern, and how does having a job differ from the last 15 years of being in education?

I have plotted my experience of stress/workload on the graph for the past 12 years and these are the results:

Book1 edited

Its is clear that as one gets older, they are more liable to stress/workload, but it is rather amazing how frequent the episodes of high stress are compared to lets say 7 years ago. its is also notable that the transition between mostly medium stress to high stress is a gradual one. had it been  smoother or more fluctuated, how would i have been developed differently as a person?

Back to the main topic of routine and transition, I am slightly struck by how the current routine at work differs in the levels stress/workload to both my academic routine and relatively busy summer. Work is maintained at Medium at ALL TIMES with very, if no High episodes of stress. Whilst this means that I am reverting back to the routine of the 10 year old me. I am finding it difficult to find the external motivation to give me the “push” i need to do more. Where in school I found myself in a position to improve and to find a better way of managing my work load, I now don’t have this in my control, instead I am “managed”.

Whether that is good or not is to question. perhaps just like I have climbed the ladder in primary  and then dropped back to the bottom in secondary school, I have now been dropped once more to the bottom. I am the 10 year old of the working world.


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