A different route to work

Last Wednesday I decided to walk to work rather that take the usual bus-train combo. After having a few stressful weeks at work,  the two hour journey; which commenced at 6:30 in the morning; was exactly what I needed to destress and rebalance myself.

I enjoy walking and previously had walking sessions that lasted 6-8 hours .However, living in britain means that during the winter we are blessed with not so glorious weather and short lived day time so im unable (sometimes unwilling) to walk.

But the time has come, and it is no longer dark or pouring rain.

Stepping out of my house with my destination in mind for the first time in a while was both daunting and exciting. I take baby steps: the end of my street, the main road, the edges of my local area…

As I walk, I rediscover streets I had not walked through for months or years: my route to school, the old corner shop,  old buildings which have been renovated and new ones finally built. I had the time to reminisce without the need to stop. Because unlike being on a train, I have the chance to absorb what I am seeing.

I arrived at work at 8:30 feeling more emotionally settled than I have ever been since starting work.
I may not be able to do this every day of the week (I love my sleep) but I will work towards walking at least twice a week. In this fast paced life where I sometime feel as though I am being dragged through rather than leading through, I hope that taking my own pace every now and then will remind me that at the end of the day, however fast I run, at some point I will need to stop, breath and take in the view.

The image below was taken within the few minutes of sunrise.



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