2015 in pictures

2015 has been a hectic year for me; with both career and personal challenges; but I have pushed through and I feel that I have learned a great deal. I am one step closer to becoming the Architect I wan to be.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So here its, my 2015 in Pictures.


I started my year in Seoul, South Korea with two of my very good friends. One of my favourite photos of Gyeongbokgung with the guard show.


Back to Reality, a picture taken in Greenwich after a quick lunch with an old University friend.  Greenwich Power Station, completed in 1910 stands in the background.


A Short but intense weekend when a friend visited from Germany, we went to Hever Castle in Kent. The castle was the home of Anne Bolyn before her marriage to King Henry VIII.


An office walk around the South East of London. We visited Canada Water Library, it was impressive to see how the Architects designed the interior spaces to create a balance between open and private spaces.


The free Birwick Music festival was a fun summer event that filled the streets wit people from across London. it is interesting to see the multitude of uses for ‘the street’ as a component of the city. London city is particularly good at this with street markets, marathons and strikes!


A family trip to Hyde park gave me the chance to see the annual serpentine pavilion in 2015 was designed by Selgascano, a spanish duo.


Farewell drinks with friends as the summer ends and I start to prepare for my studies at Liverpool University. The less time I have in this city, the more I things notice about it.


My ‘Holiday’ consisted of 5 days at Bestival.


I had to change at Crewe Station on my way to Liverpool Lime Street Station and noticed what looks like a Victorian wall carrying the new roof structure.


Liverpool City, the docks.


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