7 things I learnt at Architecture School

UEL 2017 School of Architecture Exhibition

7 things I learnt at Architecture School 

Having completed my Part II course, I thought I would summarise what I had learnt at University. Here are my 7 lessons.

1.Follow your intuition. the best advice received from my first year tutor. Learning to follow your gut instinct allows you to have a better judgement about non-quantifiable aspects of your work such as design (Architecture is not just Design)

2.Be Inquisitive. Always as question-everything. I have been told that I am pedantic but to be honest, how are we going to learn if we don’t ask!

3.Process, Process , Process. Tutors want to see process as much as they want to see the final-resolved-design. The process is like the working out in a mathematics question. Tutors want to know that you understood what the issues are on site and how you’ve gone about dealing with it. How did you arrive at your building.

4.Team Work! I have to confess that I did struggle with team work in my first year. Seven years on, I’ve eventually come round to see its benefits. Team work allows you to do more faster and with more iterations.  aka better design!

5.Failing to plan is planning to fail. As with anything in life, any project with a deadline needs to be planned out.

6.Design is a reiterative process, it needs time!…Although I have been known to pull all nighters at University, I am a firm believer that the best designs come out of small increments over time. The all nighters just help to give that extra push.

7.Architecture is a multifaceted subject. There are as many ways of doing architecture as there are people’s personalities. There is no right or wrong way of doing anything. (some ways are just better than others….)


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