Spring blossoms



Highlights of South Korea

korea map


A view from Seoul Metropolitan History Museum.


Cheonggyecheon, Seoul river in the day


Cheonggyecheon, Seoul walking to dangdaemun by the manmade river at night


Seoul Gyeongbukgong


Busan Fish Market


A view from Busan tower to the port


Busan Near Beomeosa Temple


Danyang sambong


Danyang Gosu Cave


Enroute to Sokcha


Temple near Sokcha


Sokcha seaside! Beautiful blue sea


Seoul national history museum

Ausfahrt! travelling through Frankfurt and Stuttgart


A Short trip to catch up with a former university friend in February and tour around Frankfurt and Stuttgart city.


 Friday night: Frankfurt Business District in sight from one of the bridges


Saturday morning: A similar view of the business District, We walk along Eiserner Steg Bridge


Similar to Pont des Arts in paris, Eiserner Steg featutres love padlocks along either sides of the railings.

The inscription on the top left of the image is a quote from Homers’ Odeyssy:

While sailing over the wine-dark sea to men of strange speech


A gentleman with an interesting musical instrument climbing the stairs at one of the metro stations


Sunday: Having Travelled to Stuttagert on satuday evening, we head out for a late breakfast and a drive before making our  way back to the airport.

This is Stuttgart City library, it was such a shame that I did not have the chance to go in and have a look.


Hilly Stuttgart


Sunday afternoon/evening: A great ending to the weekend, having traveled by car for the most part of my trip, I have frequented the word ‘Ausfahrt’ several times. I have come to now know that this means to exit (e.g from a highway).

I feel that this trip has truly been a short lived- but nonetheless a worthwhile and rejuvenating- exit from the long road I am taking in my everyday life here in London.

I hope to be revisiting Germany very soon to visit my friend and perhaps learn a few more words along the way.

Architecture and me.