“nothing is rea…

“nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else”
James Matthew Barrie

Re-quoted by Karren Brady during the Pier Morgan Show. 

Sometimes, only a few words are needed to make one realize their true passion.   


Isolate, Order and….Count?

What happens when you attempt to re-locate the 25000 m² Dagenham market into a 4000 m² perforated frame?

DSC03975 (2)
Isolate, Order and….Count?

It is like trying to pour a large amount of water into a small cup, eventually the water will surpass the rim of the cup and finally, overflow.

Considering the fact that there is a fixed amount of water, there are several responses to this situation:

1.Get a bigger cup

2.Distribute the water into several cups.

3. Allow the water to overflow

Bringing this analogy back to the context of Dagenham market and the new development, we see that providing a bigger market in a new location will not suffice, simply because, once the development takes place, there will no longer be a enough space for the market.

The second response is distribution. This will ease the impact of the market on the development, as well as allow the new, smaller markets to grow and develop their own identity; some may specialize in fruit, others in antique.

This however does also mean that the entity of Dagenham market is broken up and therefore the intensity of the people gathering in one place is lost. Something which is important to the market’s current identity.

The third option may feel like one has lost hope of containing the market, but acceptance that it will not fit into a rigid structure allows one to question how the market will shape this new structure; both in terms of form and purpose. Does the circulation of the market dictate the form? if so, to what extent will this new structure dictate the flow of the market beyond?

In order to answer these questions, several steps must be carried out first:

1. How many merchants/ market stools are there at dagenham?

2. How many people visit the market? and how?

3. What is the routine of setting up the market?

4. What is the current circulation of people within the market?

5. How does this differ form other markets that “leak” in to the remaining urban fabric?

6. How is dagenham market controlled? how does this differ from other markets?

Ecological Infrastructure

0053Ecology is the relations between organisms and their environment, links between different elements create a system of interconnections that build up Communities of living organisms(ecosystems).

In order for Communities to maintain operation and functionality, they require facilities, or Organisational structures

Organisational structures developed by humans tend to steer away from natural ones. However one that remains to be an important system for both humans and other organisms alike is Transport through water.                                           .                      .                                                          

Transport systems based on water need to act as close to nature as possible by introducing as many Intermediate buffering systems.                                        

Intermediate buffering systems can be either self-generative or by human intervention. 

Architecture and me.