“Edge of the earth”


“Edge of the earth”

The initial impression of landscape comes across as somewhat of a shock. The landscape is flat and never ending. Layers of the city are covered by fog. One can only see the on going fields of marsh land.


Pillars of society

Walking beneath the bridge, one finds themselves out of scale, the rough concrete and the sheer scale of the columns is intimidating and can only be comprehended when close in proximity. However, there is a beautiful yet melancholic quality as the repetition of columns resemble that of an ancient time when they symbolised power.


Out of place

Walking through the marshes, the viewer is at the same eye level as the horizon. One can see a multitude of scales, from small shoots of grass to the distant pylons. A sense of orientation is somewhat lost due to the continuing landscape from all directions.


Out of scale

An enclosed path gives a sense of direction and orientation, but in reality one is not aware of where they have come from and where they are going. The enormous scale of the factories and buildings gives the illusion that an urbanised area is nearby, in fact the building seen in the background is 1.5 km away on the other side of the river.



Close to the River, the landscape evolves slightly, mounds contour around this space. It is no longer possible to see the continuous land. Space is much more enclosed in this area and although it is still open, the scale relates better to that of the human.


Back to reality

The final destination, the RSPB centre brings one back to the open landscape. Pylons are seen in the distances and disorientation reemerges as the view of the Thames disappears.


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